I guess this is how it’s done right!
Being in a polyamorous relationship is not just a fad, it’s been going on for millennia. Societal pressures have put a stigma on the idea of spinning your nasty bits around town on a lazy Susan because that would *gasp* break your marital vows, but some people need that. In fact, swinging with (or without) your significant other usually end up strengthening your relationship.


Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds… sharing your partner is complicated (both physically and emotionally). Fortunately, we have reached out to a number of actual ‘swingers’ to give us the scoop on what works (and what doesn’t)… in all its detailed glory.

The most recent party we went to was called Pleasure Dome. It’s in this ridiculously strange domed house out in the desert north-east of Los Angeles. There was a BYOB open bar, really good music, and about 150 people who were mostly all in sexy Halloween costumes and almost all were DTF.
They had a designated ‘playroom’ with four beds, each separated by thin, translucent curtains. Lots of sex happened and I finger blasted Tinkerbell while my wife watched, stoned out of her mind.

Stay Careful!

We had a sort of swinger party once, where I ended up with [my friend’s] hubby and she ended up with the guy I’m currently dating.
The end of the tale is, he fell in love with some other woman and kicked my best friend and their two kids out.
I got the happily ever after, and I still feel guilty for being the beginning of the end.

The Welcome Party

We had a bit of a welcome home party for my friend and her husband, and alcohol was consumed by all.
We got a little rowdy and at her encouragement, I gave her boyfriend a bit of a lapdance. The three of us ended up in their bedroom, and they got naked with blinding speed. I have coined the term “half threesome” for what transpired. I never ended up taking my underwear off. There was no penetration of me. They f***ed, and I assisted in pleasuring both of them. In the end, it was me that got him off with my hands.

Two guys are better than one!

My wife and I discussed the idea of open relationships, swinging, threesomes, etc for quite a while and finally decided to dip our toes in the water. I figured it would make it easier for her if I allowed another guy. Turned out, it was easier for everyone. Two guys can do more for one girl than anything one guy thinks he can do for two. 10/10, would (and have) done again.
After that, we had a rather exciting and fun swinging relationship for several months. (letsgetrandy)


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